Missionary Journal – first post ever

Sunday – 11/22/09 – 11:20am @ the chapel @ The FMC Mission House in General Cepeda, Mexico

Praise God for a safe arrival in Mexico! It’s a beautiful day and I’m blessed to be able to sit here in front of Jesus in the Tabernacle and to pray and rejoice. I met Joe Summers friday night at FMC to leave for the trip. I wanted to get here so quickly and not have any delay b/c I was so excited! But, God had other plans. When we were almost in Lake Charles, someone from our group who was already at the border called to say they forgot their passport, so we had to turn around and go get it. Then, our vehicle broke down in the Houston area & it took until Noon on Saturday to fix it.

While we were waiting for it to be fixed, I walked to Subway to get us some breakfast & stepped on a piece of broken beer bottle in the process (luckily it was a very minor cut). We ended up arriving at the border yesterday evening instead of yesterday morning. However, in looking back at all the and difficulties, I firmly believe God allowed it to happen to teach me patience and trust. It also afforded me the time to fellowship and chat with Joe Summer and Kristin Istre (FMC missionary serving in Spain who came on this trip). The trip has been such a blessing so far and I feel so much peace and joy. I truly am blessed to be here! My hope is that I learn more about myself and whether or not God is calling me to missions. I really hope that we can be Christ to these people as well as seeing Christ in them and allowing them to bless us too! Praise You Lord!

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