Friday 11-27-09 / Desert Day outside of General Cepeda, Mexico

Lord Jesus, I praise and thank you for this wonderful time of prayer and ministry here in Mexico. Thank you Lord God for calling me to missions this week. The faith and beauty of the people here in Mexico has been a source of healing for me Lord. I offer up to you in prayer Lord all those whose help and generosity allowed me to answer your call to missions this week. Lord, by their generosity, heal them and help them to heal others. Praise you Lord God for your abundant generosity in providing me fellow missionaries with whom I can fellowship and grow closer to you. Their witness, their faithfulness, their “Yes” to your call to foreign missions brings me such joy and happiness.

God, I feel like I am one among fellow co-workers in the vineyard. I never felt like or thought that I’d be here at this moment, and I never imagined that I’d be discerning a call to be foreign lay missionary. Every one of these missionaries has been a witness to the joy of following where you lead and preaching the love of God. Lord Jesus, I honestly cannot think of anything else I’d rather do. Please Lord, give me the strength and courage to answer your call to foreign missions. With the beauty of your creation as my witness, I unquestionably and irrevocably now give you my “Yes”. Affirm this call Lord, and help me to begin ordering my life so that I can follow this call. Open doors that need to be opened, and soften hearts that need to be prepared. As I prepare to leave behind my friends and family, help my absence to be the space you need to heal them. Lord raise up generous people who can help me follow the call to foreign missions. Praise You Lord Jesus. Alleluia! 🙂
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