Wednesday 11-25-09 / 10:45pm in the office @ FMC Mission House in General Cepeda, Mexico

If I could type these entries, then maybe, just maybe, I could tell you all the awesome stuff that has been happening today and this week. Today was an especially great day. Of course we did our normal morning work projects and work. The afternoon and evening we spent in Saltillo, the nearest large city. It was a leisurely excursion as well as a mini-pilgrimage. We took time to visit the market, and I bought a blanket for each of my benefactors from this trip. (btw, benefactors, I forgot to tag you in the first note, so i’m tagging you in this one) Following Joe Summers’ advice, I took a picture of each blanket, will donate the blankets to the mission house here to give to a poor family, and then give the picture and write a note to my benefactors. Then we got to visit the Cathedral in Saltillo and go to Mass there as well. We even came across a tour guide who brought us up to the bell tower and got to take some really great pictures. The absolute best part of the day though, was meeting a crippled guy named Omar outside of the Cathedral. I was blessed to see him on my way into the Cathedral and when I stepped back outside, I saw alot of the missionaries visiting with him. That gave me the additional blessing of being able to visit with him, pray with him, and even give him my beanie-cap from South Africa & my St. Benedict crucifix as well. It sounds very small (and it is), but I felt privileged and blessed to be able to give these to him. He was so appreciative of that. He was also very happy that we were visiting and talking with him. Apparently, he gets treated badly and people talk bad about him as he sits in front of the Cathedral every day (this is what he told us himself).

His smile was one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. When I looked into his eyes, I realized and reminded myself that I was looking into the very eyes of Christ. This man had such a beautiful soul… One of the other missionaries was able to bring him to Mass with us. Throughout the whole Mass, I wanted to just look at him. I know I was hearing the Word of God, and I know I received Jesus in the Eucharist. BUT, I was so captivated by this man. I was fascinated by him. After Mass, we brought him back outside to his spot in front of the Cathedral for him to meet his ride. Right as we were leaving, his last request was to get a hug from all of us. Again, I was floored by this poor, simple, and humble man. It was the best hug I’ve ever given/received in my whole life. As great as the whole day was, meeting Omar absolutely made my day. The icing on the cake was getting to talk with two of the missionaries on our way back to the mission house about being in missions, discerning missions, etc… (John-Paul Papuzinski & Kristin Istre). I loved talking with them about their mission experience. It seems like every time I talk with any of the missionaries about that kind of stuff, it awakens a desire in me to do the same thing. I even said on the ride to Saltillo (at the urging of the other missionaries) that I was officially giving God my “Yes”. 🙂 They all smiled, clapped, and hooted and hollered, and it felt great! I did tell God though, that he’d have to help me find a way to do it!

So we come again to the end of another day filled with blessings, anticipating what tomorrow’s day of mission work will bring. God I pray that you would continue to prepare the way by opening doors and softening hearts. God Bless!

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