Tuesday 11-24-09 / 10:00 pm in the office @ FMC Mission House in General Cepeda, Mexico

I really thought that I’d be journaling alot more than I have. It’s probably because there is so much to talk about that I don’t know where to begin. It’s awfully tempting to elaborate on every little detail, but I don’t feel like I can do that. There have been too many important lessons God has been teaching me. Last night was our first night out in the ranchos. (Ranchos are the little, secluded desert communities that surround the town of General Cepeda). When we got there, people were already coming up to the chapel. We rang the bell, and people started to show up in greater numbers. I had the opportunity to go door to door once we got there and invite people to our prayer meeting. That was something that I thought would be intimidating but I loved it.

Stepping out in faith is something I should try more often. I also gave my testimony which was nerve-wracking. Not sure how I did, but my hope is that at least one person got some small seed of faith from it. Another thing is that the chapel was PACKED! There were so many people there that I had to stand outside due to lack of room. When I looked out onto the crowd, I really tried to see Christ in all of them. Some of them it was hard to see Christ because they looked so sad, but I know he was there. After the testimonies and a sermon by Mr. Frank, we invited them to come up if they wanted us to pray over them.

Tonight’s rancho experience was just as powerful but in a different way. When we got to the chapel, it was already getting dark, and it was very windy and cool. I saw maybe one or two houses nearby. We rang the bell and once we got started, only 7 or 8 people had showed up. Of course, I forgot that even if only one person showed up and had a blessing, then it was worth it. When I realized that, it made me appreciate our time there even more. Another blessing for me was seeing how faithful these few people were, that they would come out in the cold windy weather to hear the Word of God and deepen their Catholic faith. I was humbled yet again when they came up to us, one by one, for us to pray over them. One old lady in particular had such a warm and inviting expression on her face. I really felt like I could feel Christ through her. Maybe the biggest blessing of the night for me was an older gentleman named Carlos. Not only did he show up, but he brought us his guitar and played music with us. He even gave us a little testimony.Seeing this poor old man have such a warm heart and share his gifts with us was great. I want to say again that I truly felt blessed by our time there tonight.

The manual labor at our work project, the shared prayer and meals in community, the prayer time, all of it is just absolutely awesome. In all that we’ve done here, I’ve realized that I definitely have a desire to be a missionary. So far, it seems like something that is bringing me joy and happiness. My prayer is that for the rest of the trip I would be able to continue to let go and allow God to teach me. I pray also that I can take the missionary zeal that God is giving me and bring that back with me to my daily activities.

God bless!

first rancho I ever visited
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