Saturday 12-5-09 / 1:40am @ 1st Saturday adoration @ Our Lady of Wisdom

This week was a GOOD week. 🙂 Where did we leave off?…… Oh yeah, Wednesday evening. So, after work Wednesday, I washed my face and brushed my teeth and freshened up at the shop right after we closed. I figured that traffic might be bad and that even if it wasn’t it might take awhile to get out there anyways. It’s a good thing I left straight from the shop. Once I got into Maurice, traffic slowed to almost a standstill b/c of a wreck. The good thing is that I was able to pray for those involved in the wreck as well as the emergency personnel. And as I was waiting in traffic, as well as once I got past Maurice, I had some really intense personal prayer time and felt able to just talk to the Lord and praise him out loud.

That’s another thing I like about being around FMC and the missionaries, is that I’m learning how to talk to God in a more sincere and passionate way. Once I got to Big Woods, it was all good. I saw way too many people to mention all of them by name. I’d describe it as being in that TV show “Cheers” and you get to the bar, and you seem to know everybody… Among the people I chatted with was another one of the Spain missionary girls, Maria Moran. She was so friendly and open to talking about her mission experience. The more of the Spain team I talk with, the more I’m truly impressed with their missionary spirit, as well as their overall Christian attitude. I also got to chat with Lily Hannan, one of the Intake missionaries who had to leave Mexico early. It was good to see her back in the mix and enjoying herself. The atmosphere was abuzz with missionary fervor and joy. Everybody was talkin to everybody, smiling, laughing, and having a good time and enjoying each other’s fellowship.

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