12-11-09 (continued)

But if feels especially bad when it’s my parents. They love me so much and have done so much for me. They’re the only parents I have (as the priest reminded me in confession) so I need to love them and appreciate them as much as I can. Mission Formation this week was my respite (rest?). God to visit with my buddy Simon Peter, saw Sarah-Kate and Momma Genie, etc……. Even got to have a good talk with Eric Bacquet about mission life. I got some more of the typical grilling and interrogation about missions, but this time (this week) it was from my co-workers. Not bad that they did, but it just shows they’re curious yet uninformed.

I tried to explain as best as I could that I was at peace with my impending decision to enter foreign missions. However, it may be that it’s a reality that’s too deep for words sometimes, cuz w/my coworkers it doesn’t seem to matter what I say…. At least they care. I even got a call from my dad telling me about something he saw on NBC about some recent problems in Mexico. The nice thing was that I could tell it wasn’t a cynical attempt at warning me about the dangers of missions. It was an “I’m at peace and know you will make your own decision but I love you and wanted you to know about this” moment. Seems like God is already starting to prepare the hearts of my parents. Praise You Lord! So here I am, staring yet again at the first day of the rest of my life. Intake 2010 is one day closer, I’m cool with that. Lord God, help me to offer up my life to you, and follow where you lead. Help me to be loving and charitable, and to never turn a blind eye to those in need. Oh wait! 2 more things to mention……………….

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