12-11-09 (continued)

The only downside to that, is the same downside everytime I get excited at a sports event. I always end up thinking “Why can’t I get this excited about my faith?” Ah well, I’m a work in progress….. Later that evening was the annual Donor Dinner at the Abbeville Country Club. As an occassional donor and aspiring missionary I got to go for free. 🙂 As a current bachelor, former college student, and future missionary, I can assure you that FREE is GOOD. I enjoyed the fellowship with the missionaries because it was the last time for probably a long time that I’ll see any of them. I’ll miss them all, but I think I’ll miss this year’s Intake the most, since I got to know them so well. It was also really nice getting to meet some other missionaries I haven’t previously met (Colby – Phillipines) and some alumni missionaries. Of course talking with some of the benefactors was nice. Putting faces to go with the many generous donations made the mission of FMC even more real.

What I really enjoyed though, was talking w/parents of some of the missionaries. The witnessed to me that it is possible for parents to get to a point where they can actually let go and be at peace, and even come to a point where they’re excited and supportive of their child’s mission work. Eventually, the evening did have to come to an end, and I had to say my goodbyes, but I knew that this was still just the beginning of my involvement w/the FMC community. 🙂 It seems like my week at work was really stressful because my patience continues to be tested and this week I failed. 😦 I feel especially bad about this because a few times it was with my parents while I was at work. No matter who the person is, I always feel bad about losing my patience.

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