Saturday 3/6/10 – 11:45am @ the airport food court in Monterrey, Mexico

The Lord has blessed me with another opportunity to go on a short term mission trip to General Cepeda with FMC. Me & 5 other missionaries left Lafayette yesterday evening at 6:30 and finally arrived here at 9am this morning. We could have arrived sooner, but needed to stop for a few gas & bathroom breaks. Before we left Lafayette, we prayed not only for safe travels but for divine appointments wherever we stopped. Our first “divine appointment” happened in Houston when we stopped for directions. Since I-10 West was blocked off due to construction, we were forced to take I-45 North towards Dallas. At the gas station we stopped at for directions, a gentleman approached me outside and explained that he and his wife needed a ride 13 miles down the road. After discussing it with John-Paul Papuzynski, we realized that we weren’t going in that direction and couldn’t give them a ride. However, I gave them a small amount of cash and they wanted us to pray with them. It was such a blessing for us to be able to share Jesus with them, and for them to share Jesus with us.

After we bid them farewell, we went on our way. With the exceptions of 2 or 3 stops at checkpoints after crossing the border, we got here making good time and without any problems. Praise God! 🙂 We’re waiting for a few short term missionaries to fly in and will head to the Mission House afterwards. Later tonight, John Paul will return here to pick up the rest of them. Thank You Lord God for safe travels, divine appointments, and abundant blessings. Help us to be open to your grace and do your will while we are on mission this week. Praise You Lord!

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