Tuesday 3/9/10

Chapel @ Casa De Misiones in General Cepeda, Mexico

Earlier today i wrote myself a note to make today’s journal entry about the joys of missions. The first thing that came to mind was how I tend to focus so much on the intensity, or the sacrifice, or whatever, that I forget that missions is a joyful thing! Then I thought about how much joy that fellowship with other people on this trip is bringing to me. We laugh, we talk, we joke, we play…. I smile just thinking about it. It’s also impossible not to think of the joy of the people we are serving here. All of the kids who smile at us, and laugh and play… All of the adults who wave to us as we exchange greetings of “Adios”…

Besides the obvious, there’s also the deeply rooted joy that God gives me while on missions. Because it’s a sacrifice I love to make, it brings me joy. I don’t wake up in the mornings and roll my eyes or lament the fact that I have to go do the same thing again. Honestly, I wake up and I’m excited at what the new day will bring. The anticipation of fellowship with other missionaries, of working hard and sweating to build a roof, of ministering in the ranchos, it all brings me joy!

Yes, I realize there will be sacrifice. Yes, I realize things will be hard sometimes. But even the Bible says everything has it’s season, which means that we WILL experience joy in serving the Lord. The more I think about it, the more I think about how the joy I get from being on missions is what will help me through these next few months until the start of Intake 2010. Praise You Lord Jesus for all you’ve blessed me with, especially the privilege of serving you in missions. God Bless!

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