This can’t POSSIBLY happen in Mexico

Sunday 3/7/10 – Chapel @ Casa de Misiones in General Cepeda, Mexico

Praise God for another wonderful day on missions! I get the privilege and blessing of sitting here in the presence of the Lord. Looking back on the day, it was such a full day. However, there’s one thing that stuck out the most.

A group of us went hiking up a nearby mountain after lunch. As we were walking back to the mission house, we saw a man lying on the sidewalk and he had flies buzzing around him. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, and for a split second thought he was dead. It really shook me. I thought to myself “This kind of thing happens in India, but surely not here.” I was relieved, but only slightly, when one of the guys in our group confirmed that he was breathing. We continued on our way, but the image of that man lying there would not leave me. After our prayer time, we had some extra time before dinner started, so a small group of guys decided to go check on him. We brought him some bottled water and some snacks. When we got back to where he was, we sat and talked and prayed with him, and it really felt like that little bit that we did really brightened up his day.

It was so tempting for me to be superficial and think that our little act didn’t mean much. Yet, Jesus’ words came to mind, and I remembered that whatever we did to this least of his brothers, we did to Jesus. I knew that this battered and broken down man was the same man who was nailed to the cross. And somehow knowing that felt like a tremendous blessing to me. I dunno what will happen to that man, but I pray God heal him and watch after him, and I thank God for another divine appointment. Alleluia! (I’ve included some pics from our mountain climb below.)

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