4-5-10 Easter Sunday – 10:50pm @ my apartment

Once the pump is primed, once the seal is broken, once you get goin, you can’t stop. That is the way it feels lately with Divine Appointments. It’s one of the few things that I’m OK at doing, so I’m glad God gives me these opportunities. The latest one was named Joseph. I was going downtown to meet up with a friend and I parked at the library. As I was headed towards Jefferson Street on foot, I was approached by Joseph. Now, I’m not saying that everyone should do what I did. Yes, there have been times where people have been robbed downtown. However, I also have to remember that every person that approaches me is God’s child too. If it feels safe enough, then I visit with them. So, Joseph approaches me and introduces himself. He’s very humble in both his tone of voice as well as the way he carries himself. Part of it is probably because he was down on his luck. After all, you don’t approach strangers and ask them for assistance if your luck is good. But I also wonder if he’s humble because of the way people probably treat him and look at him. Even when people have good reason to deny assistance, they tend to do so callously and with little regard as to how they speak to or react to the person. I’d be a bit humble and hesitant if I had been treated that way too. Then when I shake his hand I notice one or two of the fingers is partially shriveled. Makes me wonder how it happened. Softened my heart even more. I guess I’ve just been reminded enough that the poor and downtrodden are near and dear to God. So, by the time we got to the handshake, God had me hooked. As we start talking, I didn’t get much of his personal story or many details on his circumstances. All I got from him is that he was out of money and needed help.

Literally speaking, I have him the last 1 dollar bill in my wallet and invited him to walk with me to the ATM on Jefferson St. As we walk that way, I just tried to engage him in small talk. Knowing what to say wasn’t easy, and I didn’t wanna focus on anything in particular. I just wanted him to talk about anything and feel comfortable around me. A few times he tried to get a few more bucks out of me, but I had honestly given him what I could. He even asked me to give him a ride to the motel and use my credit card to get him a room. I didn’t feel safe enough doing that. So once we got to where he had to turn off of Jefferson St, we stood there and talked a little more. I relayed some info that Martin, my previous Divine Appointment, had relayed to me regarding safe places to sleep downtown and not get arrested. As we parted ways, I asked him to pray for me and that I’d pray for him. All in all, he was a very pleasant person, and as always, I was very blessed by my encounter with him. I pray that I was able to make a difference and bring him closer to Christ. I also tried to encourage him as far as not being afraid to ask for help. Seems like many times we get ourselves into predicaments because we are too proud to ask for help. Hopefully, he can receive God’s grace to be able to seek out the help he needs. Coincidentally I saw Martin later that night and told him that what he shared with me the other night was passed on to someone in need. He was happy about that 🙂 Lest I forget, I spent alot of time over the weekend with my parents and nieces. Getting to do this, and enjoying the small things with them was such a blessing. Get to spend some more time with my parents after work today. Really enjoyed myself and was very blessed by it! Until next time, good night and God Bless!

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