Urban missionary’s spiritual battle ammo for extra graces……..

Thursday 7/22/10 – 3:30pm @ Awardmaster

You know how as soon as you get to work on certain days, that you can tell “it’s gonna be one of those days”? Well this morning certainly had that feel. For some reason, when my coworker asked me a question, I let my impatience mate with my propensity for placing blame and immediately started to get irritable. I noticed after a few minutes that I continued being like this and that I was just AGGRAVATED! Dunno where it came from either. However, something I did which I had not done well with in the past saved me. I prayed and asked for prayer in my moment of frustration. I sent a text message to a friend and asked her to pray for me, explained the situation and that I did NOT want to have a bad day. Listen to what she told me: “Smile though you don’t feel you can and offer it up for someone on your heart. You’re being given ammo for extra graces!” How true is that….. Praise God! I followed her advice and today ended up being a good day and my frustration never got to me. It wasn’t easy “offering it up” but it has made all the difference.

Another thing that has been a blessing for me is the development of new missionary-minded friends. There are three in particular that God has brought into my life and they are a TREMENDOUS blessing. When I was discerning the priesthood, one of my best friends who was also on that path was my rock. I could level with him about anything even the nitty gritty, and it really helped me on my journey.  The same holds true with these three. I feel like I can level with them about anything relating to my journey into missions. I feel like I can ask them for prayer. Whenever I talk with them, my heart is full of joy and contentment because I know that our faith is what brought us together, and because I know they have a heart for missions. They have not been in my life for very long but I am thankin’ God right now that he blessed me with their presence, friendship, and guidance. At this point I’m pretty sure that one of them will definitely be with me @ Intake and another probably  will be there too (don’t know for sure yet, since the application was just faxed in today).

In other news, I gave a missions talk at the Lafayette Men’s Ultreya last night. The moment I confirmed that I was doin the talk I knew I needed prayer. Had my amazing missionary friends (and some others) prayin’ for me and the talk was AMAZING! You coulda heard a pin drop these guys were so riveted to what I was sayin. They ate it up and even asked some questions afterwards. Was blessed to get some contact info to add to my mailing list. What really humbled me though was how they lifted me up in prayer both before and after my talk. The feeling of being blessed by this was simply overwhelming. God is good to me through the people in my life 🙂 Oh  yeah, Mr. Jim Whittington, the leader of this group, told me that he’d try to see if any other area Ultreyas would like me to talk as well. Anyhoo, I must be going. Gotta figure out some things for the Word of God conference this weekend in NOLA. I leave you with this verse, the story of my life: “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

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One thought on “Urban missionary’s spiritual battle ammo for extra graces……..

  1. pastor charlis

    Dear Friends in Christ, I am Pastor Charlis Masih from Catching Souls For Christ Ministries Pakistan. Catching Souls For Christ Ministries is determined to preach the gospel to the group people throughout Pakistan and share the message of hope and salvation; whenever it is possible and whenever the blessed opportunity is given to the Catching Souls For Christ Ministries, by the Lord Jesus Christ!
    Brief Introduction:
    Catching Souls For Christ Ministries is Christ-centered, mission-oriented, Spirit-filled, Bible-based missionary organization revolving among the community with the purpose to reach those people with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, who have still not been reached with the gospel of truth. Catching Souls For Christ Ministries has primarily been supporting orphaned children in Arifwala and Vehari ever since it opened in October2002. Catching Souls For Christ Ministries provides a rented shelter for children who have been neglected, surrendered, or orphaned. We are very grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ, for He has allowed us, and moved us within our spirits, to keep on going even in the times of trials, difficulties and hurdles. Our goal is to have one formal Orphanage House where the children may live peacefully and rejoice in the blessing of God for a lodging which they may trust to be their own home. We ask that friends, individuals, and ministries pray along with us for this very purpose. It has been exciting to see the children growing physically and in the love of Lord Jesus Christ. God has made a place for these children at Catching Souls For Christ Ministries where they can be placed out of harm’s way. God has also promised in His Word that He will not leave us as orphans (John 14:18) and we are seeing the literal evidence of that promise through Lord’s grace upon the Catching Souls For Christ Ministries. It is our desire that these precious little ones would be brought up to know their Heavenly Father who is mindful of every sparrow that falls and who has had His hand on them, protecting them and putting into place a plan for each of their lives. Catching Souls For Christ Ministries is blessed to serve the Lord in the community where the Christians are discriminated and persecuted on the extreme level of being considered untouchables.
    How You May Help!
    Your moral and prayer support is what we need above everything. You may help the children at our orphanage house with your support for: Stationary, Note Books, Sunday School Stuff, Uniforms, Shoes, Clothing, Beddings, Toys, Wheat, Rice, Nourishment etc. We welcome support in money and also the support in kind is what we desperately needed and is highly appreciated. You are also welcome to help support our ministerial activities for Free Bible Distribution, Prayer meetings, crusades. There are people who have still not heard from the Word of God and they have not been reached with the message of the gospel. In Pakistan more than 60% people are illiterate and they do not know how to read and write. Catching Souls For Christ Ministries prays for the recording/tape ministry so the people may be reached who can not read or write. Please specify the purpose, for which you will give your donations i.e. it is either for Orphanage House or for the Ministerial Activities. Translation Request / In Kind Support: Catching Souls For Christ Ministries is blessed with the pastors and leaders of the community who are professional in different fields who generously give their time to the Orphanage House and the Ministry voluntarily. Pastor Charlis Masih is good translator from English to four major languages of Asia, i. e. Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Sindhi, takes care for the translation work with a team of other good translators, and we remain faithful to the source document in our translation services. We pay our translation services voluntarily and for honorarium. You are mot welcome to ask for Catching Souls For Christ Ministries translation services for a book translation, for article, studies and for any teaching’s translations. Using the Catching Souls For Christ Ministries translation services will not only enhance our group’s knowledge and information but may also help a child with food and education! May God bless you! Yours brother in Christ, Pastor Charlis Masih
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    Catching Souls For Christ Ministries Pakistan
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    Dist: Pakpattan
    Pro: Panjab

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