Peace through presence

Saturday 8/7/10 – 7:00am @ First Saturday Adoration @ Our Lady of Wisdom @ UL

Imagine yourself on a secluded tropical beach. For miles around, you see nothing but beach with palm trees gently waving in the breeze. You feel the sunshine and the breeze on your face, and you hear the rhythmic lapping of the water and gentle crashing of the waves. Or, imagine yourself sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon at sunset. Again, there’s no one for miles around. All you see through the crystal clear air is nature’s beauty. All you hear is nothing, a whole lot of nothing. If “peace and quiet” had a distinct sound, this would be it. And if I had to try to put into words what it felt like to be in adoration, in quite literally the physical presence of Jesus, that’s how I would describe it. There’s this overwhelming sense of peace. Peace that I’ve never felt anywhere else or with anyone else…..

Later this morning I’ll be heading over to The Cathedral for our Confirmation retreat. Last night was amazing and the kids responded really well. Today should be a very fun, informative, and blessed day. Then tomorrow all of us on Coreteam and all the teens at the retreat will be going to 6pm Mass. I really feel like God has not only given me the grace to be holy for the kids this weekend, but that through adoration Thurs. night, yesterday, and today, he’s also given me some amazing prayer time to lift up our teens. My hope is that a seed of faith is planted in them this weekend, and that it blooms into a tree that bears much fruit exactly when they need it. Praise You Lord for your goodness! Help us to love others and bless them in charity!

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