Desert Day, Crystal Rocks, & Kitty Cats


Me and Senor Schlemann, one of our local friends


scenery on the way to a prayer service


the mountain at Estacion Marte, the one I wanted to conquer


Luis’ praise & worship music turned into an impromptu guitar lesson for about 15 kids


another look at the mountain i wanted to conquer. Oh yeah, on the left, the chapel at Estacion Marte. On the right, our dear old rickety grey missionary van

view from halfway up the mountain. even just halfway up, the van and chapel are barely discernible specks in the center of the picture

view from the very top of the mountain

another mountaintop view of beautiful desert scenery

view of the railroad track that passes through Estacion Marte, disappearing into the horizon


God was trying to show me what book of the Bible to read from

my mission partner Luis

some cool crystal rocks I found up on the mountain

cute cat with purty eyes. Came across this senorita at one of the local tiendas in town

he’s the boss of the tienda, and protector of the old lady. quite a friendly fellow, I must say

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