Sid’s 40 Day Fast – Day 6

Day 6 – Saturday – 9/29/12

Indulged in one of my new missionary hobbies last night. Took some fresh corn tortillas, made earlier in the day at one of the local tortillerias, and fried them up. Some of them I fried whole, and others I cut up into various sizes. Some I dusted with sugar, others with salt. They ALL tasted good. The salty ones I ate with some salsa. Delicioso. I discovered: *that you need to fry them for at least 3 minutes, *fresh tortillas work better than stale ones, *you need to have alot of oil in the pan, & *the smaller the pieces the better.

Besides wanting to make your mouth water, I’m also telling y’all this because it taught me a few lessons. One of which is appreciation. I am learning to appreciate the simpler things in life. Conversation and fellowship with my mission partners. Frying up tortilla chips while I listen to Mexican music on the radio. I also learned about anticipation. Having to wait until meal time to fry up and eat those chips helped my anticipation to build up to a level that caused my aforementioned level of appreciation to be much higher than it would have normally been. I also learned about self-control. Tried not to eat all of those chips as I was cooking them, so that I could save some for my missionary brothers. (Did end up eating some) Didn’t eat a single one of the leftovers this morning as I put some saran wrap on the plate. (Ate a few later during the day for a little snack)

Speaking of self-control, I’ll learn more about that later today. Football games ALL day that I’ll be able to watch. That includes a game for my alma mater The University of Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns! 🙂 Otherwise it’ll be a slow and relaxing day. Nothing on the schedule except for doing laundry and my 2 Saturday visits: Pepe & Senora Amanda. Definitely feeling the hunger pangs more today. Of course a little bit when I woke up, but that was mitigated by my cup of morning coffee. Now I’m feeling it more (the hunger). Maybe my body is finally starting to adjust. That’s good though, cuz it gives me more to offer up. 🙂

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