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Sid’s 40 Day Fast – Day 8

Day 8 – Monday – 10/1/12

Well, it’s the beginning of my second week. Kinda feels like a milestone of sorts. Still have 5 more weeks though. Had another restless night of sleep last night. Good, but restless. Seems like I got up about 27 times to go pee. Of course that cup of water I drank less than an hour before bedtime didn’t help. But that couldn’t have caused me to wake up as much as I did. It’s either the amount I eat, when I eat, or the amount of Gatorade I drink. I think my adjustment this week will be to keep everything the same, except that I’ll have my daily meal at lunch instead of supper. Maybe eating earlier in the day will help me to sleep better at night.

update: I picked a bad day to start eating lunch instead of supper. Why? Because Gallo and Rita invited us over for dinner. Egg sandwiches with chopped onions and tomatoes, on fresh bread from the local bakery. ay yi yi! Definitely developed alot of self-control as i sat watching TV while they ate. And yes, I did feel some hunger, though it wasn’t that bad since I had eaten lunch. But still, i felt hunger, and had to pass up eating. But I think my DESIRE to eat was more of a factor than the actual hunger itself. And I think that’s what i’m starting to learn with this fast. Yes, our hunger is obviously influenced by physical needs and physical factors. Yet so often we eat either more than we need to or we eat something that is not healthy for us or in some other way necessary. And it’s because we have this desire to eat, and we make a decision to follow that desire. I dunno if I’m making any sense here. Anyhoo, so what we end up eating I think is based more on DESIRE than actual NEED. Which is why i’m really excited about this fast. I think with both food, and self-control in general, that it’s helping me to move from operating out of DESIRE and operating more out of NEED.

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