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Sid’s 40 Day Fast – Day 21

Day 21 – Sunday – 10/14/12

Well, it appears as though I’m halfway through my 40 day fast and I’m purty happy bout dat. It’s going by pretty quick. And part of me wants it to continue a long time, but I think my belly and my not quite refined enough self-control have other ideas. haha.

It’s been a pretty slow day today. No communion services in the ranchos and nothing planned so I turned off my alarm clock. But I woke up at 8:30 when one of my mission partners knocked on the door to get the van keys. He had to bring some local guys to a prayer meeting thingy about an hour away. Since I went to bed early enough last night and had a good enough night of sleep, I figured I’d get my lazy butt outta bed. Had my morning coffee while I let the water heater work its magic. Checked my email and read a few articles, read a book, and then shaved and showered. Not showered and shaved. Shaved and showered. I could never figure out why you’d wanna shower and THEN rub some kinda foamy chemical stuff all over you. I’d rather dab a warm towel on me to soften up the stubble and shave, so that I can really wash that stuff off in the shower.

I did have the hunger pangs a little bit this morning, so I was happy about that. Played the bongo at 10:30am Mass and then came back home for a relaxed rest of the day. Ate my daily meal at about 1 and I was proud of myself for not stuffing myself full. Though I did have several instances where I kinda hovered around the kitchen looking for snacks. Good thing that none were available and my self-control was up to par. Piddled around on the computer a little more. Made a new banner welcoming the missionaries from the States that will be visiting next month. Talked on the phone with Mawmaw Doris, my parents, and my best friend Chris. Have no idea what I’ll do the rest of the day. Probably read some more, Maybe do Liturgy of the Hours. Catch a football game on the internet. Who knows?

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