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Sid’s 40 Day Fast – Day 22

Day 22 – Monday – 10/15/12

Today marks the beginning of the fourth week. Yahoo! I’m over halfway there! As much as I’ve already learned in the first half of my 40 day fast, I know there’s much more for God to teach me the rest of the way. Speaking of, there’s one thing I realized earlier today. Once the fast is over, if there was a way I could go back  and measure how much food I’d eat in an average meal before the fast, and then compare that to how much I ate for my one daily meal during the fast, I suspect that during the fast I’d be averaging more like 1.5 meals a day. Or maybe it just feels like that much since my stomach is probably shrinking. It just means that as blessed as this fast is, the next one will be even better! 🙂

Yet again, I got proof this afternoon that Mexico is the worst place to fast. I had already eaten my daily meal at lunchtime and we were waiting for Raul, one of our Mexican missionaries, to come pick us up so we could accompany him to one of his weekly prayer meetings. As always, at the end, there was a snack. (Which was good, cuz in spite of my decent sized lunch, i was feeling a bit hungry). Avena (an oatmeal-ish type of snack) as well as some cookies. Got back to the house, did a little bit of yardwork before dark, since the weather outside was nice and cool. All in all, a very good day……

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