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Sid’s 40 Day Fast – Day 23

Day 23 – Tuesday – 10/16/12

I think I need to pray more that I would be ready to serve at all times. I need to remember that what I have, including my time, this mission house, and my personal space are not mine. They are God’s, to be used in the service of others. That missionary couple, the one I mentioned before that I always seem to get frustrated with, came over this morning 5 minutes before we were supposed to have morning prayer. They needed to use our phone. No big deal, and they only stayed about 10 minutes anyways. But for some reason it bothered me. Even though they are generous with us, I still see them as a needy couple who always wants stuff for free, or wants to use our phone or computer, or who wants to drink all our coffee. It’s horrible that I think this way about them. I also need to pray for the grace to see Jesus in them, so that it’s easier to serve them by remembering who I ultimately serve through them. Lord I offer up my fast to you so that I can be more generous with them.

Speaking of, I felt the hunger again this morning, so I think I’ve finally found a good balance on the amount of food I need to stay nourished and healthy while still being able to experience hunger and be able to offer it up. Yesterday I had a cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal, a banana, some cookies, a tomato, 6 thick slices of ham, 3 pieces of bread, some mayo, a chip (yes, a single chip), some gatorade, a cup of water, and a cup of Sprite.

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