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Long Time No See. Oh mylanta, how things have changed!

Howdy y’all.

It’s Sid here. Been awhile since I’ve written. It usually only happens when I’ve got alot of material, or feel inspired, neither of which has happened lately.

Since I last write y’all, life has changed a bit for me. Since January, when I was still with Family Missions Company, I started working part-time in outreach & evangelization at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in Abbeville, LA. Sometime during the spring, my pastor, who is also the chancellor at our parochial high school, Vermilion Catholic, referred me to the principal there. They needed a part-time theology teacher & campus minister. Figuring my background in seminary, youth ministry, and missionary work was a good foundation, I went ahead and interviewed and got the job.

After I got the job I realized it would be very hard to try and stay affiliated (which also means obligated) with FMC. Before things could get awkward or stressful, and while everybody still loved everybody, I decided to process out of FMC. This means I am now an “alumni” missionary, with formal or official ties to FMC, and no obligations. When my work schedules permit, I try to attend prayer meetings or other functions they have going on.

Y’all please pray for my ministry at the church parish and at the school as well. And please prayerfully consider continuing to support FMC through donated time and prayer and donations.


God Bless,


aka – Mr. Sid


my first ever teacher pic on the day they took school pictures.


nice little note left on the board by some of the home ec students after they

cooked me breakfast in first hour one day. I think I’m gonna like teaching here 😉


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